Integrated Policy


As Kurutlu Technologies, our priority is to meet the demands and expectations of our customers instantly in accordance with our quality and environmental management system standards. 

With this policy, we aim to;

  • Fully understand and meet customer expectations and maintain continuous development

  • Present the perception of continuous improvement in quality, service, efficiency and technology.

  • Invest and support the personal development of our employees

  • Identify process-oriented risk and opportunity activities.

  • Be aware of our responsibilities to our employees as well as to society and proceed correspondingly in our daily activities.

  • Increase work safety

  • Carry out flawless production processes and maintain continuous improvement

We are also committed to the continuous development of the sustainable environment framework at every stage of our activities to reduce and recycle waste in order to prevent air, water and soil pollution.


We prefer the use of reusable and recyclable resources to develop an effective environmental management system in accordance with national and international regulations to maintain and sustain continuous improvement via communicating and collaborating with the relevant public corporations, NGOs and stakeholders.


Quality Policy

Kurutlu_Quality 2.png

Our first priority is to meet customer demands in accordance with our quality management standards as instantaneous as possible.

Our Quality Objectives;

  • To understand  and meet customer expectations thoroughly and to sustain continious development.

  • To bring forth continious improvement perception in quality, services, productivity and technology.

  • To invest in employee’s training and personal development.

  • To be socially aware for our responsibilities to our employees  as well as community and to proceed accordingly in our daily operations.

  • To enhance labor safety

  • To execute production processes defect-free and to maintain continious improvement.


Our company posseses ISO-9001:2015 and ISO-14001:2015 certification.

Environment Policy

As Kurutlu Technologies, we are committed to continuous development of sustainable environmental framework in all stages of our activities for;


  • Reducing and recycling waste in order to prevent air, water and soil pollution;

  • Decreasing the amount of natural resources used 

  • Preferring reusable and recyclable resources for enhancing an effective environmental management systems

In accordance with national and international regulations for protecting and maintaining continuous improvement by communicating and cooperating with relevant public enterprises, NGOs and our shareholders.